The woman formerly known as adult actress, pornstar & adult industry investigative blogger Monica Foster

Once upon a time as woman named Alexandra Mayers (formerly known as Monica Foster) decided to work in the adult entertainment industry.

She started out in life as a computer “nerd”… then she decided to become an exotic dancer (stripper), then a webcam model (cam girl) & later a pornstar (adult actress).

The woman once best known as Monica Foster didn’t like certain things she experienced and witnessed in the Los Angeles pornography industry so she became an independent investigative blogger & journalist.  Upon doing so, some people attached to organized crime didn’t like what she was telling the public about the porn industry, so they gave her a very hard time…

In fact, one of the pornographic industry’s best defense attorneys manufactured a fraudulent lawsuit against the woman once known as Monica Foster and sued her in civil court for $166,600. The intent of the lawsuit was to completely silence her by closing her social media and obtaining her websites, but by defending herself in Civil Court (she couldn’t afford an attorney) the woman once known as Monica Foster retained her first amendment (freedom of speech) rights. View the Clark County Nevada (Las Vegas) Civil court case A-14-699072-C Dept. 32 for details.

Despite all the difficulties, heartache and drama that’s occurred, the woman known as Monica Foster continues to live a productive life doing whatever she desires – she truly enjoys sharing her ideas, opinions & ground breaking concepts.  The woman once known as Monica Foster consistently creates new projects and does her best to educate the masses as to how the world really works.

Always keep in mind – the woman known as “Monica Foster” is just a catalyst for the woman that IS Alexandra Mayers (of and

In the event you need to contact Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster – you can reach her via email: AlexandraMayers at Yahoo dot com
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